mini button name tags

We’ve all been stuck in awkward situations at parties where we hardly know any other guests and end up talking about the weather. As a host it’s sometimes hard to insure that conversation stays lively but if you make these cheeky mini button name tags for your guests, you’ll automatically give them something to talk about.

To make your own you’ll need basic design skills and access to a button maker.

Step One: Gather up the names of your guests and funny facts about them. Feel free to also make these up if your guests are dull.

Step Two: Design the buttons in a computer program you’re familiar with. You can either design colorful circles in the diameter of your buttons (these are 1″) and add the text or just add the text, space accordingly, and print on colored paper (for us less design-y folk). I would choose a bold, easy to read font like Helvetica or Futura.

Step Three: Turn them into buttons! I would suggest using a professional grade maker for best results. If you don’t have access to one, call around to businesses that customize items like t-shirts and awards – they might just have one you can go in and use. I used one at a local art workshop and they charged only 20 cents a pop. You can also try out a toy button maker.

Step Four: Force your guests to wear them and listen to the conversations that ensue.

For the record, I really do know someone who was an extra in 3 Ninjas. She is set for life when people ask her for an interesting fact about herself.

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  1. emily

    I was hoping in my heart of hearts the 3 ninjas fact was real.

  2. Kim

    Love this idea!

  3. Melissa Egan

    Such a great idea!

  4. Super cute idea! (And perfect for my upcoming wedding!)

    And I knew the female lead in 3 Ninjas! 🙂

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  6. Kelly

    LOVE IT!

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  8. Caro

    Such a great idea! I use my button maker a lot during events (kids go wild for them) but i’ve never thought to use them in place of name tags. And I love the icebreaker element!

  9. I love this idea!! This is such a cute idea and a great way to break the ice!

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