The Boucherouite Trend

One of my favorite ways to add a pop of color to a room is with a few Moroccan Boucherouite rugs. These rugs are works of art – made from a variety of materials traditionally woven by hand for as long as a year in some cases. Boucherouite rugs are not your typical floor covering; I love the variety of patterns, colors, sizes and shapes these can come in. Take a peek at some of our favorite Boucherouite rugs and tell us which room you would add one in your own home.

Against my usual color palette of classic black and white, these rugs are two of my own that I added into my home. Aren’t the textures and bright pinks, blues and colors lovely?

These one of a kind rugs are hand-loomed by Berber women. Made of materials ranging from recycled remnants including cotton, synthetic fibres and occasionally wool and plastic, these two Boucherouite rugs are available from Fossik and work well with these neutral gray love seats.

Don’t be afraid to add a Boucherouite rug if your home has a bright color palette, either. I love this Boucherouite paired with this graphic wall of bright artwork as seen on The Design Files.

The Apartment is a wonderful source for these gorgeous Boucherouite rugs, and showcase them off perfectly on their site with other graphic pops of color on the walls in an overall white neutral space.

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