Mini Herb Pots for Mothers Day


Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I decided to make our moms a colorful trio of fresh and fragrant pots inspired by a recent trip to Provence. These little pots can be given as a group to each mom, or even used separately at a place setting for a Mother’s day brunch. The best part is, these mini pots will blossom into the summer months.

Provence inspiration

I chose herbs inspired by the scents of southern France, including English lavender, Grosso lavender and rosemary; and painted terracotta pots in a Provence palette of lavender, turquoise and golden yellow.

Herb gift materials

•  paint brush
•  ceramic paint in three colors
•  herb label, printed or written on a 1/2×3″ piece of paper
•  toothpicks
•  glue
•  mini terracotta pots
•  rosemary, lavender or any herb plant
•  sheet moss

Mother's day herb gift

Step 1: Paint the terracotta pots in one of three colors and let dry completely. Repeat this step with the other remaining colors.

Step 2: Remove purchased herb plant from its plastic container and trim down the roots until you have a root ball roughly the size of the mini pot. You should be able to get several smaller herb bunches from one larger plant.

Step 3: Place a small amount of soil in the bottom of the terracotta pot, and place the trimmed plant on top. Fill with extra soil on all sides, and gently press the plant into place.

Step 4: Cut a small amount of sheet moss and line the exposed soil at the top of the plant. Affix the printed herb label to the tooth pick using a small dot of glue and let dry. Once the label dries, Insert the toothpick into the front of the plant. (To give the label a slight wave, I curled it around a pencil)

The finished pots. Water sparingly, these herbs like things on the dry side.

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  1. Sarah Curry

    Beautiful, Kelli! 🙂

  2. Amanda Frizzie

    Such a cute idea!

  3. Rich Weiner

    Really beautiful idea.

  4. Brandy

    Simply perfect! x

  5. lena b.

    what a lovely idea!