DIY Accordion Paper Wreath

Making a large statement wreath for your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Using simple printer paper and an easy accordion fold you can make a white paper wreath any size you’d like and for the cost of a cup of coffee.

To make the accordion paper wreath, start with a piece of printer paper and begin to fold the paper back and forth. Fold the paper all the way across until it looks like a small accordion. Then bend the paper in half. Each round on this wreath is made by combining two pieces of folded paper together.

Once the paper is all folded, use thick floral wire to create your wreath form. Hot glue the two pieces of folded paper together onto the wreath. Continue gluing all the way around making the wreath any size you’d like! Hang with pretty ribbon on walls, doors or windows at your ceremony.

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  2. The folded paper gives a really nice look – something different!

  3. i love this! so puffy, crinkly, pretty and fun!