photo booth strip mother’s day card

If there’s ever a holiday to gift something handmade, it’s definitely Mother’s Day. Moms have the power to look past the imperfections and love something just because of the thought that went into it. They tend to like things even more if the face of their sweet kid is involved too. So I made this photo strip card as something to accompany that breakfast in bed already in the works.


  • top opening envelope
  • razor blade
  • glue stick
  • photo booth strip

Step One: Carefully open up your envelope with your razor blade (you could also easily make your own with paper of your choice). Trace a banner and square shape on the front side, for the message and the photo strip. Use your razor blade to cut out the openings.

Step Two: Write your message on a contrasting piece of paper then glue it on the backside of the opened envelope so that it shows through the banner opening.

Step Three: Write pull me on a rectangular piece of paper then attach to the back of your photo strip with a small piece of tape so the tab hangs down.

Step Four: Glue the envelope back together. Make sure to only glue the top and sides together so the photo strip slides nicely into place. Slide the photos into the card and deliver to your mom with her favorite breakfast (after you’ve let her sleep in).

Mom will never accidentally throw this one away.

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  1. Lena

    This is perfect!

  2. ahhhhh this is awesome! hmm, too bad my little dude can’t make me something like this yet… haha… awesome tutorial, melanie! ^__^

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