Note from the Editor

The beautiful watercolor invitation DIY posted a couple days ago has put me in a watercolor mood this early spring. Watercolor is a really popular trend right now that’s extending far beyond paper.  Here’s a roundup of some beautiful watercolor inspiration items for this Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

1. Watercolor dress
2. Watercolor art
3. Watercolor eggs
4. Watercolor ombre pillow
5. Watercolor tea towel
6. Watercolor wedding cake
7. Watercolor scarf
8. DIY watercolor linens

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors

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Circus badges

By Jeran McConnel, Oleander and Palm and a Minted Party Ambassador

A circus themed party is a classic right?  It’s great for boys or girls, there’s animals and it offers a great bright color palette.  I made these “Greatest Kid on Earth” badges for 3 special birthday kiddos to wear to their circus themed party this weekend.

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DIY Hair Ties

This just might be our easiest DIY ever. It’s as simple as tying a knot! We’ve been seeing these hair elastics in our favorite stores and all over the web, and can’t get enough. They’d make a great party craft for girls, a cute addition to a bridesmaid’s kit, or maybe they’re just the thing to brighten up that laundry-day-ponytail.