Easy Geometric Cake Toppers

I love anything geometric and when I found these great hexagon wood shapes, I pounced. Remember to keep your eyes open when you stop by the craft shop, because these lovelies were nestled in the paper aisle. Wood is so nice and pretty to work with for cake toppers. I love these au natural (they have a great darkened edge) for a modern bohemian vibe or paint them vibrant hues for fun hipster cake toppers. If you are short on time or just have a favorite bakery, forget making the cake, just pop these modern cake toppers in and call it a party.


Supplies: hexagon wood flourishes, hot glue gun, wood skewers and craft paint (optional)

Step 1: Using your hot glue gun, take a bamboo skewer and add a line of hot glue to the end. Attach the end of the skewer to the wood hexagon. Repeat for as many hexagons as you need.

Step 2: Let glue cool. Flip over to have the right side facing up.

Step 3: Paint the front sides if desired. Hint: Use washi tape in a pinch to make clean paint lines. For a great bold geometric look, tape from corner to corner in half.

Step 4: Arrange and trim bottoms of skewers with kitchen shears to make some shorter than others.

Pop these in a cake and celebrate. Where’d I get the great cake stand? I found this lovely, and her little sister, in the Minted Party General Store.

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  2. Lisa

    These are so cute! I definitely migrate toward geometric things.
    And that cake looks delish!

  3. crazy cute, love the colours you chose to paint them too!! great little tutorial and totally simple but with high impact!