Fringe Heart Wedding Cake Toppers

Topping a wedding cake just got way more fun with these fringe heart cake toppers! They are whimsical, sweet and will be a great addition for special day. The toppers are made like pinatas, allowing you to stash away something special inside (perhaps your vows!). Save them to whack open when you eat the traditional top layer of cake together, or to open any day when you want to remember how special the wedding was.

To make the fringe heart cake topper you will need a strand of crepe paper streamers, poster board, scissors, glue and kitchen skewers to stick the toppers into your cake.

Step 1. Cut out 2 heart shapes and a straight length from the poster board.

Step 2. Fold a length of crepe paper streamer in half and cut up about 3/4 of the way to make the small fringe.

Step 3. Begin gluing the fringe onto the pieces in straight lines. Overlap the sides as you go. Once the pieces are completely filled, turn over and cut along the edges to reveal the actual shapes.

Step 4. Put the heart together by gluing the straight edge to both inside pieces of the heart. Leave a small flap open near the bottom for stashing your special sentiments away.

Step 5. Attach a kitchen skewer to the bottom of the hearts and use to adorn your wedding cake.

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