snack box for new mamas

Exactly a year ago I was in the midst of post partum chaos and my friend delivered a few groceries to my doorstep including a carton of ice cream. My husband brought it up to the bed with a spoon and I remember saying out loud, “Ice cream has never tasted so good.” And I meant it. After that moment I vowed I would help every new mama I knew in some small way and so I created this snack box that is super easy to put together. 


  • food packaging (clear bags, plastic boxes and containers)
  • labels (downloads available here and here)
  • snacks
  • carrying box (IKEA has some great ones right now)

Print the labels onto adhesive paper then simply repackage favorite snacks and stick on labels.

Package them all together in a large box and deliver to the doorstep of the new parents. They might be so appreciative they’ll let you hold their little bundle.

label download designed by Kirsten Bingham

Find more of Melanie on her blog.

  1. alissa

    This is out-of-control adorable. Thanks so much for the free downloads!

  2. Jessica

    This is such a cute idea! PS- I totally bought a couple of those boxes from Ikea. Not for this, but I fell in love with the patterns on them.

  3. Leslie

    This is such a thoughtful idea! Thanks for the free downloads!

  4. Rachel

    I love this!!! I am taking meals to two different mamas next week and will absolutely be making these snack packs too! Thanks!

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  6. lyndsay

    this is the greatest and sweetest idea. i got a mega huge snack basket a few days after giving birth… but this one is mega styling… !

  7. Kelly

    The packaging really kicks it up a notch. It is such a good combination of humor and style. Nice work!

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