birthday animal parade

My son’s first birthday is rapidly approaching so I’ve been throwing around party theme ideas. He loves his plastic toy animals so I thought it would be fun to create decorations from them. Hence, the birthday animal parade.


  • photos of animals printed in blueprint format
  • scissors
  • tape
  • patterned or metallic paper for crowns or party hats

Step One: Take photos of the animals you want to include in the parade. I just set up simple white backdrop so it was easy to cut out once it was printed. You could also grab photos of real animals and edit them to black and white.

Step Two: Save the photos to a disc and take to a print shop (Kinkos or Staples work) and ask to get them printed as a 2×3 blueprint.

Step Three: Cut the animal image out.

Step Four: Attach to wall with tape and add adornments like paper party crowns.

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