DIY Party Topiaries

Spring is here and let the shower season begin! Parties don’t have to be complicated, just something simple on a stick is all you need to make someone smile. These topiaries would be so fun down the length of a Spring brunch or on each side of a buffet at a baby shower. A simple mix of plaster, like what kids use in elementary school, can make a great anchor to hold wood dowels.  In no time at all you can have a fun garden of party ready pretties.


  • plaster mix
  • water
  • 36″ wood dowels (smaller if mini versions)
  • paper cups
  • honeycomb balls
  • paper clips
  • urns or planters or decorative containers

Step 1: Follow the directions of your plaster. Typically it is one part water to two parts mix. Use a large plastic measuring cup, or the container the bag of mix came in. I used a paper cup to measure. Add one cupful of water into the mixing container. Dry the paper cup and add two cupfuls of powder into the mixing container, slowly stirring with a plastic fork until combined. It is important to put the water in the container first, otherwise it is hard to get all the plaster powder off of the bottom.  Once fully mixed, pour evenly into four paper cups, about one third full.

Step 2: Insert dowel in the center. Place strips of masking tape around the sides of the dowel to hold in the center. Place against something to help hold the stick steady until it is set – about 20 minutes. I used my kitchen counter and the upper cabinets to hold the dowel straight.

Step 3: Once dry, determine if it will be in a large enough container to hide the paper cup. If not, trim the excess portion of the cup off.

Step 4: Attach the honeycomb balls with paper clips. Use about 3 paper clips and add at the top, center and bottom.

Step 5: Add as many balls as needed. Estimate the top of the last ball. Mark stick and trim with kitchen shears, be careful!

Step 6: Arrange as desired, fill with tissue shreds if needed to cover the cup. Use an array of designs and styles to decorate your party.

I’ve always had a thing for topiaries and as I start to dream of outdoor entertaining, I wanted to bring a little fun indoors. It’s still very much a chilly and grey Spring here in Seattle, so party topiaries are still very much an indoor idea. But, once the weather warms up, how fun would it be to decorate your garden or patio with a few well placed honeycomb topiaries?



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