Circus badges

By Jeran McConnel, Oleander and Palm and a Minted Party Ambassador

A circus themed party is a classic right?  It’s great for boys or girls, there’s animals and it offers a great bright color palette.  I made these “Greatest Kid on Earth” badges for 3 special birthday kiddos to wear to their circus themed party this weekend.

And don’t these Birthday Badges go great with Minted’s Greatest Circus Party Decor.  I also added a little of the extra pleated ribbon to our circus animals.  I think they look pretty festive and happy.

Here are the six easy steps to make a badge of your own!

1. You’ll need a 12 inches of pleated satin ribbon, a 3 inch paper punch (or just scissors), 12 inches of wide ribbon for the tails, some heavy card stock, the printable “Greatest Kid on Earth” pdf (download here), a 1 1/2 inch brooch pin and a hot glue gun.

2. Print and then cut out the front and back of the badge with the 3 inch punch or with scissors.

3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the pleated satin ribbon to the back of the badge face.

4. Fold the wide ribbon in half on a diagonal and glue it to the back of the badge.  Trim the ends to a V.

5. Glue the card stock back to the badge.

6. Attach the pin to the badge.

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