DIY Watercolored Letterpress Invites

Our Julep creative director, Annie Clark, designed and hand painted these letterpress invites for the Minted Weddings brunch we hosted a few weeks ago. Today we wanted to share an up-close look at the results, as well as some tips for creating the look yourself.


  • Letterpress invitation
  • Paint palette
  • Watercolor paints
  • Brush — Round, Size 12
  • Bowl of water


  • Choose an understated design with enough space to add watercolor accents
  • Heavier-weight, textured letterpress papers work best with this technique
  • If you can’t find a color you like right out of the tube, try mixing a custom color
  • Order enough stationery to test out the technique first — play around with composition and make sure that your paper holds up well and inks don’t run
  • Start light and pick up more paint on your brush as you need it; it’s easier to add than it is to take away
  • Remember with watercolors, the pigment will travel to any part of the paper that is wet. You can use this to your advantage to get the look you want. Try holding the invite vertically while it’s still wet and let gravity help you move the paint around. This will create bleeds and darkened edges. 
  • Experiment and have fun. This look is loose, organic and imperfect so you really can’t make a mistake!


  1. Sarah

    This is a nice thought, But I don’t know if it’s really practical. Letterpress wedding invitations (even simple 1 color ones) still cost upwards of $5 a piece. If you weren’t happy with any of your custom watercolor additions, you wouldn’t really be saving yourself any money on this “diy” route.

  2. These turned out gorgeous. I love watercolor.

  3. lizzy

    Annie! These are absolutely stunning. Fantastic job (as always) and thank you so much for sharing with your Julep readers!

  4. Melanie

    These are absolutely beautiful and I love that each invitation would be it’s own unique work of art – what a great personal touch. I’m sure this could also be done with flat printed invitations if letterpress wasn’t within budget. Beautiful work, Annie!

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