Easter Egg Fight!

By Carrie O’Neal,  a member of the Minted design community
Every year at this time, I look forward to our annual Easter Egg Fights. I know the name sounds scary, but it’s actually not messy at all, promise!

Here’s the how to…

You start by giving each of your guests a collection of hard boiled eggs. You can display the eggs in round containers like this available at EggBoxes.com. The clear containers allow the colored eggs to be your focal point. I’ve simply added a decorative flower and leaf, cut from scrapbook paper, with each child’s name atop the containers.

The rules of the game are quite simple. Two people each hold a hard-boiled egg vertically and tap the other person’s egg. The goal is to break your opponents’ egg, without breaking your own. Once your egg has been cracked, turn it over and use the opposite end. When both sides have been cracked, move on to a new egg. Take turns, so that each person gets a chance to be the “hitter” (on top) and the “hittee” (on bottom). Keep playing until all your eggs are cracked and only one person is left with an unbroken egg.

The biggest honor of having the winning egg is, of course, bragging rights…but also a special egg trophy. Every year we have a special egg cup for the winner, so they can proudly display their winning egg. This year I painted a plain white egg cup with brass guilding paint. The metallic finish really makes it feel like a special little trophy. Have fun!

Photography by Terri Calla

  1. Libbie

    this is the best idea!!!! AND the cutest way to display! My family with 13 cousins would have a blast. Will do next year! Thanks! 🙂

  2. lori

    Love how you displayed the eggs in those round containers – sooo cute! Fun post, Carrie! Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂