Note from the Editor

easter eggs

Easter is just a week away! It’s time to break out the cartoon of eggs and all the creativity you can muster. Luckily with the internet there is so much inspiration for you to devour. For those of you not willing to roll up your sleeves for dye, here are a few favorite non-dying egg decorating ideas:

Black and white sharpie eggs (image above)
Tattoo calligraphy eggs
Gold leaf bunny eggs
Silk dyed eggs
Watercolor letter eggs
5 secrets to a perfect batch of boiled eggs


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors

  1. Sarah

    I love these egg ideas! Especially the tattoo paper calligraphy. Just awesome.

  2. Sarah

    (Sidenote: The gold leaf bunny egg link seems to be pointed at the black & white sharpie egg tutorial).