Easy Flower Pencil Toppers

Nothing says spring like flowers. And these fun and easy flower pencil toppers are just the thing for you and your little one to creatively welcome in spring.

To make these you will need…

  • pencils
  • colorful patterned or textured paper cut
  • colorful washi tape
  • push pins

  1. Gather together supplies and cut various pieces of pattered or textured paper into  petal shapes
  2. Start by wrapping pencil with washi tape
  3. Continue to wrap all the way to the end of the pencil, leaving eraser uncovered
  4. Overlap paper petals together in a flower shape
  5. Place pin through center of all paper petals
  6. Push pinned petals through the end of the pencil eraser
  7. Repeat the process with a number of various petal colors and shapes and enjoy your new flower pencil!

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