Washcloth bunnies

By Jeran McConnel, Oleander and Palm and a Minted Party Ambassador

Here’s a really cute and easy Easter craft that your kids will enjoy making with you.  My mom made these for my brothers and me when we were kids.  I’m making a bunch of them this year and giving them as gifts to my nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends. Read on to learn how to make them…

So, here’s how to make them.


  • wash cloth
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 small pink pom pom
  • 1 large white pom pom (or just a cotton ball)
  • 2 kids elastics (the little tiny rubber ones)
  • glue dots (Zots is what I used)
  • piece of ribbon
  • gift tag
  • an egg shaped soap (optional – I got mine at World Market, but I also found these ones at Potterybarn) or even a chocolate egg

Start by folding the wash cloth in half diagonally, leaving about a 1/2″ overlap on the bottom.  Then roll the cloth towards the corner.

Fold the rolled wash cloth in half and secure with an elastic band in the middle.  Fold over the ears to make the head, and secure with another elastic.  Fluff up the ears.

Using the glue dots, attach the eyes, nose and tail. Tie a simple bow around the neck of the bunny.  You can tuck an egg shaped soap or another treat in the middle of the bunny.

I’m attaching super cute Easter gift tags from Minted to these bunnies.  I made these Egg Framed by B. Wise Papers gift tags with a picture of my kiddos on it.  I love Minted’s customizable features, you even get to pick the pattern and color you’d like on back of the tags.  These tags not only look great on my bunnies, but I’m going to have fun tying these to Easter goody bags and baked treats.

Happy Easter!

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  1. So cute! i like how they are also pretty cheap to make. very cute neighborly gift for easter!

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  3. Lori Parker

    My family has been making these for years also. We called them BoBo bunnies. You put and ice cube in the center and hold it over your bobo. It has saved many a tears.

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