custom pie favor boxes

pie favor boxes

My favorite favors are the edible kind. A piece of handmade pie or cake would please any party guest and wedge shaped boxes are just the way to package them. But you can’t just leave them plain, here’s an easy way to pep them up a bit.

pie favor boxes


  •  pie boxes (they can be purchased from A La Modo)
  • small dot stickers (check the office supply section) or labels w/ hole punch
  • scissors

pie favor boxes

Step One: There are a couple different ways you can start, by just using dot stickers that are already nicely cut out for you or by punching out your own dots with a hole punch (probably about 1/2″). I had some labels that I liked the colors of so I used those and punched out my own. If you don’t find stickers you like the colors of, you can just punch out normal paper and use a glue stick to adhere.

Step Two: Cut the dots in half (did I mention this is an easy project?).

Step Three: Peel off the backings and line up on the lid of the pie box.

Step Four: Fill with a piece a pie or cake and pass out to party guests.

pie favor boxes

The other two boxes were decorated by dotting with acrylic paint, both types of boxes take less than 5 minutes a piece. The only question that remains is what type of pie are you going to make?

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  2. Michela

    I love it!!! Who can resist a yummy cake into a super sweet box? I can’t!