Easter Photo Booth Masks

By Trendy Peas a member of the Minted design community

What kind of bunny ears are you? Girly? Smarty maybe? Perhaps a little droopy? I am always looking for some fun pictures of my kids to use on our annual photo books, and I thought having them wearing cute bunny ears would make great Eater photos. What do you think? Ready to get crafty? Print these bunny ears out, dress it up, and get ready to snap some fun pictures this Easter with your family. I guarantee you will feel like a kid again.

Step 1: Download the mask templates here

Step 2: Print the downloaded design on card stock and cut them out

Step 3: Tape the bunny masks to popsicle sticks or bamboo skewer.

Step 4: Use your bunny masks for fun Easter photos!



  1. Jamie

    Easter is not just another party moment. It is the time we celebrate the Resurrection of our Saviour. How could we incorporate that concept in some of these great “party ideas”?

  2. Alisha

    I love these sweet bunny masks…I’m going to print them and use them at our church Easter party. See, we’ll tell the story of how Jesus was raised from the dead and then we’ll have resurrection rolls as our snack. Then we’ll use the bunny masks to let all the kids have their photos made together. I think the masks are perfect for church and secular parties…it’s just all about how we put it together!