Graphic Design Book Round-up

As a designer I often get questions from bloggers or creative types about design. Whether it’s how I a chose a certain font? Who inspires me? Or what’s kerning? I find there are a lot of great blog resources for getting this type of advice but I always love an old fashioned book. So for anyone who is thinking of becoming a designer, or just a blogger who wants to know the basics I thought I would countdown a few of my favorites, old and new.

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1. Thinking with Type: for anyone who wants to know more about the basics of typography this is the perfect book. It takes you seamlessly from the anatomy of a letter to the history of several font families to basic kerning and other type fundamentals.

2. Typographic Sketchbook: 90 of the world’s leading designers and typographers sketch out their ideas and share them in this fun and endlessly inspiring book.

3. I Used to be a Design Student: thinking of becoming a designer? Or, just appreciate good design? Then you’ll love this book that delves into your favorite designer’s school days and entertains with snippets of their work then and now!

4. Creative Inc.: great read for anyone trying to make it on their own in a creative field.

5. Art Directors Annual 91: For the design obsessed out there. The Art Directors Club annual publication, reviews the best in design from the past year.

6. Little Book of Lettering: with the current popularity of hand-lettering, this is a great book for inspiration. You’ll also learn more about your favorite illustrators and typographers.

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  1. These are great picks! I just added the Little Book of Lettering on my must-have list.