Splish Splash, Art in The Bath.

Sometimes I feel like our poor bathrooms are hopelessly neglected. They’re the last thing to get some attention and shamefully ignored when it comes to decorating. There’s nothing easier than hanging a bit of artwork, or giving them a soothing coat of paint. Blue is especially lovely when you’re soaking in the tub and need one of those ‘Calgon, take me away moments’. I thought I’d round up a few different looks from the Minted art prints collection to give you some inspiration. From vintage-modern and bold, to bright. colorful and child-friendly, to a more adult-like quiet space for reflecting after a long day – here’s a few themes for you to consider.

The Vintage Modernist: Love, by Max and Bunny; and Neighborly Narwhal, by Monica Tuazon. Bathroom photography by Seth Smoot.

Bath Time for the Kids: Fun Games That Make You Laugh, by Eray; Woodgrain Hearts, by Max and Bunny; Bathroom photography by Design Tricks.

Leave me Alone For Five Minutes: City Of Neighborhoods, by Kristie KernLaugh Often, by Wondercloud Design. Bathroom photography by Rachael Smith.

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