Dyed Twine Wedding Favors

DIY dyed twine favors are an easy way to personalize your wedding day. Twine is very affordable and with a simple dye bath comes to life in pretty muted hues.

Here’s how to make them..

To make the dyed twine you will need simple jute twine, mason jars for mixing, white vinegar and food coloring. Fill each mason jar about 1/2 way with lukewarm water, add in 2 tablespoons white vinegar and 20-30 drops of the chosen food coloring (if you are mixing colors, use the package ratios and multiply). Completely submerge the twine for about 10 minutes in the coloring and hang to dry. The color will darken as the twine dries giving a pretty muted tone to the wrapping.

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  2. Julia

    Love this idea! The colors are fabulous.