Show & Tell ALT dinner

While we were at the ALTitude Design Summit, we hosted a fun dinner for bloggers. We also launched a fun new Minted Party Ambassador program where you can apply for free party decor if you’re willing to blog about your event. 

As an added bonus, some parties will also be featured in Julep’s ‘Show & Tell’ department where we will ask hosts and hostesses to share a few fun ideas from their events. So I thought I’d begin by showing you some pictures of dinner we hosted at the Summit and telling you a little bit behind what we did to make it special.

My inspiration starting point was Asheville Artisan party decor by Kelli Hall. I thought the blue would really pop in this space and the wooded brown accents fit in with the wintery Salt Lake City venue. Here are a few things I did to make a restaurant feel personal and homey, which can be challenging!

  • Bunting all the way! Customizable bunting banners really do liven up even the blandest spaces.

  • Double-duty ice breaker. I hung little cards on Minted’s “wishing tree center pieces” down the center of the table and asked people to write down what they were hoping to get out of the conference. We then shared our answers with the people sitting near us. They were both cute and purposeful!

  • Sunflowers minus the sun. Blue hydrangeas and lots of greenery fit the Asheville theme perfectly. Sunflowers became super wintry when their petals were pulled off, leaving  centers with lots of textural interest.

  • A signature cocktail. They free people up to focus on mingling, not on deciding what to order. “Minted mojitos” were offered both virgin and alcoholic, accommodating all the guests.
  • End on a sweet note. Guests took a cookie from the sweets table for the road!


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