DIY Giant Painted Wall Confetti

By Jenny, Hank and Hunt

Have you been pinning wall confetti like mad? I know I have. I can’t get enough of it and it is everywhere. From little vinyl stickies (I just used some copper ones for a recent party) to simple paper ones in all the colors of the rainbow, wall confetti isn’t going anywhere soon. This weekend I was making a hand-painted birthday sign for Henry’s upcoming 7th birthday. The blue and aqua colors were so cool on the black card stock that I thought I would try a variation for confetti…

All you need is a punch, a little paint and card stock and you can make an artistic rendition of confetti for your very own. Customize the colors to match your fete and you have something you can use for little and big parties.
Acrylic Paint (two colors or more)
Black Card Stock
2 3/4 Circle Punch

Step 1: Using your circle punch, cut out as many circles as you need. I used 10 sheets, with about 6 circles per sheet to make 60 confetti dots. If you use a smaller or larger circle punch, the number of circles per sheet will vary.

Step 2: Spread out your circles on newspaper or a sheet of poster board; this will protect your table from the paint.

Step 3: Using color #1, paint a stroke or two across the dot.

Step 4: Repeat strokes on the remaining dots.

Step 5: Let dry completely.

Step 6: Repeat strokes using color #2 on all dots. Vary your stroke so you can still see color #1 on the dots.

Step 7: Scatter dots or hang on wall and party!

These confetti dots would be just as gorgeous as a garland. Attach the dots to a piece of twine or string with tape. Use double stick tape to make double sided garland, with one dot on each side.

Don’t forget you could use any color card stock you like, I just chose black for something out of the ordinary. You could also use this same painterly technique to make more paper goodies to accent your party, like flags or napkin rings, your options are endless!

  1. Beckie

    Cute! This is a great party idea! Thanks for sharing!