XOXO Valentine’s Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air today and we’re thrilled to share a bit more with you now by announcing the special prize winners from our XOXO Valentine’s Day Challenge! In this challenge, we asked the Minted Community to create beautiful designs for customers of all ages to send sweet sentiments to family, friends, and classmates. And of course, the Community had a lot of fun with this one and created some truly beautiful and very fun Valentine’s. So give a little love to the winners of our special prizes below. Congratulations, Minties!

Big Picture Award for the best Valentine’s photo card design

Floral Love” by lehan paper

Lehan’s “Floral Love” has just the right amount of sweet details and sweeping text to truly enhance any customer’s photo, without detracting from it. The subtle ombre along the bottom pushes your eye upwards, towards what are inevitably some very cute kids!

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best Valentine’s photo card using multiple photos

Sweet Heart” by Shari Margolin

 Two large photos balance each other perfectly in “Sweet Heart.” Shari’s broad white line across the center allows the family name to pop out, while the adorable heart spills across the photos to tie the whole card together.

Out of the Box Award for a design that you wouldn’t see on other sites

Pirate Heart” by Jen

This plundering pirate packs a punch of personality and whimsy that we just can’t get enough of! Every little detail spells romance in an unexpected way, from the heart-shaped eye patch to the subtle hearts on the end of the crossbones. Jen’s clever pun has us swooning over this charming design.

His Classroom Award for the best classroom valentine card for a boy

Super” by Wondercloud Design

What little boy wouldn’t love this design? Olivia’s “Super” has all the action and energy of a super story—the bold exclamations, jumping stars, and even that textured background all recall the smell and feel of a comic book.

Her Classroom Award for the best classroom valentine card for a girl

Outline Heart” by Anna Elder

Anna’s “Outline Heart” is sweet and friendly, perfect for a classroom valentine. The hand-drawn feel of her big heart, unusual photo angle, and washi tape topper give this design a personal, hand-made-just-for-you feel.

Valentine’s Day Card Award for the best single greeting card you can find for your significant other

Favorite Infographic” by Chyssi Tsoupanarias

This infographic takes romantic geek-chic to a new level! Chryssi’s very sweet pie chart (no pun intended) is a clever way to show someone you love just how much you care. Her bold type and chartreuse/black color palette make the design feel so modern.

Valentine’s Day Gift Card Award for the best gift card to wrap a gift

Nutty Elephant” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to insert a little humor with this nutty pun. Design-savvy customers of all ages will appreciate the sentiment. Oma’s sweet elephant (with a subtle heart-shaped ear) is sure to make anyone smile. It’s the perfect gift tag for a sweet treat.

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