DIY Heart Cupcake Toppers

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor

Valentines Day is tomorrow and whether you’re making treats or buying them, you can create a special festive touch by adding a little glitter heart cupcake topper into whatever is on the dessert menu. Here’s how to make these special glitter heart cupcake toppers…


1. Wooden Hearts

2. Small skewers

3. Bakers twine

4. Spray glue

5. Red glitter


1. Spray wooden hearts with glue and sprinkle with glitter

2. Wrap skewer in bakers twine

3. Glue skewer onto red heart when dry

4. Apply a second red heart on top and let dry

5. Stick in your Valentines Day treats for a festive touch

  1. I teach a cupcake class and this year I was thinking of doing more cupcake toppers! I will keep this in mind!! =)

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