Perfect Match Wedding Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Announcing the special prize winners of our Perfect Match Wedding Invitations Challenge! We look forward to our big, annual wedding invitation challenge every year and watch eagerly as more new, fresh designs show up every day. We’re always so surprised and thrilled with the incredible range of invitations we receive, from classic and traditional to wildly whimsical and contemporary. No matter what the style, all the winners and runner ups below stood out among the over 1,400 submissions we received. As befitting a wedding invitation challenge, we just fell head over heels in love with these designs! Congratulations, winners!

Classic Award for the best classic, timeless design

Classically Stacked” by Ann Gardner 

Every once in a while, we see a design that is so classically, simply beautiful that we know it will truly be timeless. Ann’s “Classically Stacked” is just that. Her traditional black and white color palette, minimalist type, and large, neatly stacked names will never go out of style. An instant classic!

Runner Ups: “Plain Jane” by Design Lotus | “A Glamorous Affair” by Kristen Smith | “Bistro” by VOSS

Traditional with a Twist Award for the best traditional design that’s sure to appeal to a more sophisticated couple

Vintage Charm” by Wondercloud Design 

Olivia struck the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary with this beautiful invitation. Her classic script and subtle, curved ornaments are reminiscent of traditional, formal invitations. But her surprisingly bold type screen modernity.

Runner Ups: “Broderick” by Jennifer Wick | “Orchestra” by Laura Condouris | “Ascot Chic” by Frooted Design

Fine & Formal Award for most elegant design for a black-tie wedding

Formal Ink” by Jill Means 

Jill has such an incredible range of style. With “Formal Ink,” she makes elegance look effortless. Her sweeping Burgues names and clean Mrs. Eaves type combine to create one very crisp invitation. We love how her curved text and curving ornament subtly frame the cleanly placed type. Anyone receiving this lovely design would immediately reach for their formal-wear!

Runner Ups: “Gypsophila” by Laura Hankins | “One Fine Day” by Sarah Curry | “Splendorous” by Design Lotus

Simplicity Award for the best clean, uncluttered design

Stacked” by Sydney Newsom 

You’d be hard-pressed to find any design cleaner or more uncluttered than Sydney’s “Stacked”! Sydney proves that sometimes the simplest designs can be the most striking. Her unexpected use of white over warm gray creates a very contemporary feel, as does her perfectly aligned type. Add a crisp white border and you’ve reach sweet simplicity.

Runner Ups: “Modern Love” by lehan paper | “Estate” by Kim Dietrich Elam | “You+Me” by The Social Type

Romance Award for the best design for an incredibly romantic wedding

Wedding Watercolor” by lehan paper 

There’s something so delicate and romantic about this soft pink watercolor design. Lehan has us dreaming of a truly enchanting ceremony with her soft details and unusual bronze type. Those delicate touches and peachy warm color palette made us fall in love with this gorgeous invitation.

Runner Ups: “Lace and Kraft” by Katharine Watson | “Gallery Opening” by Laura Condouris | “Chic Romantique” by Three Kisses Studio | “Heart On Our Sleeves” by CRAFTEdesign

Edgy/Quirky Award for the design that best exemplifies the risk-taking the Minted looks for

Vintage Bird Print” by Jenn Goordich 

You may not immediately think of vintage bird illustrations for a wedding invitation, but Jenn makes these museum-worthy birds so elegant. We love the sophistication of her romantic, Darwinesque birds against a clean, crisp white. Her subtle mixture of type alignments adds some unexpected modern flare.

Runner Ups (clockwise from left): “Big Highlight” by The Social Type | “Timeline of Events” by Bethany Anderson | “School Note Sweetheart” by Cycling Pear Design | “Woodstock” by Pistols

Whimsy Award for the best fun or whimsical design

Opposites Attract” by Kylie Holmes 

We can’t enough of this very clever invitation! The simple black type and classic black, striped bars initially give this design a somewhat traditional feel, but the cleanly stacked lists of differences pack a real punch of whimsy. Kylie lets the couple’s personalities be the center of attention, while making their differences so charming. “Totally in love!”

Runner Ups: “Ticket to Love” by Spotted Whale Design | “Woodland Wedding” by Kristen Smith | “Campy Love” by Trista Sydloski-Tesch

Typography Award for the best design that features couples’ names boldly and relies on excellent typography

Wed in Type” by Ariel Rutland 

“Wed in Type” is all about letting typography steal the show! We love how big and bold the couple’s names are; not to mention how the chartreuse ampersand symbolically unifies them from behind with a bold pop of color. Ariel’s neatly aligned text and clean lines pull this mingling of type into a cohesive, elegant whole.

Runner Ups: “Celebrate Love” by GeekInk Design | “Marquee” by Laura Hankins | “Type Fiend” by Up Up Creative | “True” by Moe and Me

Bright Colors Award for the best brightly colored design

Complimentary” by Stacey Hill 

There’s no denying that Stacey’s striking color wheel is bright and beautiful! Her painterly swatches have so much personality, complete with varying strokes and colors that just can’t seem to stay within the lines. Those unruly swatches show so much about a couple’s love of life and appreciation for the fun and messy. The wedding details around the outside of the design are a lovely touch.

Runner Ups: “Layered” by roxy | “French Quarter” by Kristie Kern | “Bold Block Print” by Katharine Watson” | “Swatches” by double n design

Rustic Love Award for the best design for a rustic wedding

Winter Lodge” by Adori Designs 

Jennifer’s dreamy white pines and rustic craft texture have us ready to head to the mountains for a chic, wintry wedding. Every detail, from the distinctive trees to the informal banners and snow-white type, adds to the outdoorsy, but elegant feel of this invitation.

Runner Ups: “Craft and Florals” by Bethany Anderson | “Birch Woods” by Alethea and Ruth | “Constellations” by SimpleTe Design | “Farm to Table” by Paper Nest by Lesa

Hipster Award for a design that predicts the next big trend

Dream Catcher” by Pistols 

Melissa is definitely onto something with this Southwestern-inspired invitation. Her gorgeously distinctive watercolor feathers would be any hipster’s dream (or really anyone’s for that matter!). We love the couple’s names and details meaningfully enclosed within the dream catcher. It’s the perfect mix of sentiment and detail for any hip, bohemian nuptials.

Runner Ups: “Love in Estilo” by Vellum and Vogue | “This Way” by roxy | “Navajo” by Palm Papers | “Lakeside” by SimpleTe Design

Shape Award for the design that best uses one of our new die-cut shapes

Come Fly With Us” by Paper and Parcel 

Brooke’s clever design is a perfect marriage of style and form. The ideal invitation for a destination wedding, “Come Fly With Us” uses our tag silhouette to make one very witty invite (and the prettiest “luggage tag” we’ve ever seen!). We love the passport-style stamp to top off the design.

Runner Ups: “Country Inn” by Kristie Kern | “Wisteria” by Griffinbell Studio | “Cosmopolitan” by cadence paige design

Just Beachy Award for the best beach-inspired design

Whimsical Kelp” by Trista Sydloski-Tesch 

“Whimsical Kelp” couldn’t be truer to its name! We love the soft gradients of blue and green, suggesting the twists and turns of the kelp in the water. Trista adds carefree fun to her design with gently rippling text and whimsical little air bubbles: the anchor monogram is a perfect finishing touch.

Runner Ups: “Big Wave” by Jill Means | “All Tied Up” by SimpleTe Design

TripleThick™ Award for the best design to showcase the beauty of Minted’s new TripleThick™ paper

Eventide” by Griffinbell Studio 

A design this classic practically demands the rich texture and weight of our most luxurious paper yet. The thin border balances Lynn’s ornate monogram, keeping the design simple but striking. Her clean white details over a rich, indigo hue spell such sophistication—the ideal design to showcase the luxury of a TripleThick™ invitation.

Runner Ups: “Painted Sky” by AJCreative | “Linen Stitch” by Stacey Meacham | “Down by the Sea” by The Occasional Hello

Floral Award for the best design that uses florals

Plentiful Blossoms” by Faiths Designs 

Faith’s softly stylized blossoms are a bouquet we’d love to catch. Her keen eye for color is evident in the design’s subtle, unusual hues, which harmonize perfectly together. The faded blackboard really allows the flowers to take the stage.

Runner Ups: “Burlap Bouquet” by Laura Bolter Design | “Merry Garden” by Wondercloud Design | “Grenadille Bleue” by Jennifer Wick | “Burlap Bliss” by Elizabeth Victoria Designs

Vintage Award for the best vintage design

A Blessed Union” by GeekInk Design 

Blessed union indeed – this vintage-inspired design is a wonderful blend of past and present. Eric’s ornate flourishes and old-fashioned type would look right at home above an old curio store, but his graphic banner and minimalist use of color add a dash of modernity. Something old, something new, and something uniquely GeekInk.

Runner Ups: “Limoncello” by Carrie ONeal | “Vintage Tray” by Aspacia Henspetter | “Chamade” by cecile paper lounge

Not Overly Femme Award for the best design that pleases the guys too!

Bicycle Love” by Five Sparrows 

Any guy would approve of this neat, unfussy design! The textured background gives a hip, hand-crafted feel, while the graphics keep the design bold. We love the clever storyline Whitney draws using only two bicycles, a dashed line, and a tandem. Romantic, but cool – perfect for the modern couple.

Runner Ups (clockwise from top left): “Love Graphics” by lehan paper | “Pinstruck” by Snow and Ivy | “Established Union” by Spotted Whale Design | “Modest Matrimony” by Jamie Leigh

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