DIY: Five-Minute Art Print Frame

By Rachael Smith, Penelope & Pip

diy frame

Minted has such a gorgeous selection of arts prints, especially for Valentine’s Day, so I thought it would be fun to make an easy DIY frame to get your art print hanging in no time – no expensive framing required!

The structure of this frame also has a neat little trick that will let you swap out your art prints whenever you want to change around the theme of your home decor, and the best part is it takes only five minutes to make.

easy framing idea


2 x 1 inch thick balsa wood lengths (2cm longer than your print width)
4 x adhesive mounting strips (the kind that remove cleanly)
2 x eyelet picture frame hooks
Sequin cord
Pom poms
An art print of your choice (I chose Max and Bunny’s “Love” art print in mustard honey)
Balsa wood is really soft which makes it light and easy to work with, while still having a nice natural grain. If you need to cut your balsa wood to the correct length, you could easily do so with a sharp exacto blade.

step by step

Step 1: Twist your eyelets into the top of one length of balsa wood. If you want to be exact, use a pencil and a ruler to measure the distance from the end for each eyelet (I just used my eye and it turned out fine – don’t forget your pom poms will cover them anyway).
Step 2: Stick an adhesive strip on the back ends of both balsa wood lengths. Make sure your tab for pulling the strips when they are ready to removed in the future are facing on the outside. Follow the instructions that come with the strips to ensure you get the correct side of the strip on the balsa wood.

Step 3: Peel off the backing on your adhesive strips and starting with the top, gently press your art print onto the strips. You can measure out 1cm from each side to get it centred exactly. Using the adhesive poster stickers means you can remove the strips at a later date without causing damage to your print or to the balsa wood. This makes it really easy to swap out your art print whenever you fancy.

Step 4: Tie your sequin cord through the eyelets at the top of the frame and secure.

Step 5: Secure your pom poms to the eyelets on each side. You could easily make some poms poms from wool scraps too. The more poms the better I say!
diy frame

Your five minute frame is now ready to hang. You could also spray paint the balsa wood gold or even cover it with silver glitter paint. You could also swap out the pom poms for feathers, beads or bows – the possibilities are endless!


Find more of Rachael on her blog.

  1. what a great post! i’ve been looking for a clever way to hang a big piece of fabric i have and i may try to use this technique. will link back if i do. thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration!

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  3. Kacey

    This is AWESOME! I don’t know what rock I’ve been under and why I didn’t realize the blog was live – so thankful for lovely Minted emails as a reminder for all of this fabulousness. 😉 Blogged you guys today. Thanks for all of the great inspiration!

  4. Mariam Naficy

    This is beautiful – can’t wait to try this myself!