Wall of Love

By Melanie Blodgett, You Are My Fav
Folded paper heart wall DIY
I like projects that make a big impact but that require very few supplies and can be done while watching everything saved up on your DVR. Take for instance, a wall of love notes for your Valentine. Mushy, gushy love notes.

supplies paper heart


– decorative paper (lighter than card stock, I used a wrapping sheet but origami paper would work even better)

– scissors or paper cutter

– pen or pencil

Oragami hearts step by step

Cut your paper into rectangles measuring 2.5″ x 5″. Fold in half lengthwise and again along the width, than unfold. Fold the top half of the paper all the way to the middle crease and fold the bottom half halfway to the middle crease. Turn over. Starting from the bottom right corner, fold the paper upward to the middle crease. Repeat for the left side so it resembles an arrow. Fold the top, middle corners to the back to form the middle of the heart and fold the top edge corners to the back to complete the heart shape.You can also fold the corners to the front and turn the heart over for a different finished look. If these instructions were way too confusing, you can watch a video here.

Adhere tape to the back and attach all over the wall.

valentine heart craft
valentine heart craft

Write little love notes to your Valentine and stick them in the creases and pockets of the hearts for them to find. Yay for love!

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