Journals, Stationery, Thank You Cards, Oh My! Special Prize Winners

By Jen Casebeer, Community Editor

Get ready to relive some seriously fun challenges… we have compiled not one, not two, but three of our past challenges to announce all our special prize winners in one super-post! In our ‘Thanks a Million’ Thank You Card Challenge and Journal and Stationery Gift Challenges, we asked the Minted Design Community to spice up these categories with unique pieces for our design-savvy, modern customers. What an amazing outcome! Congratulations to the special prize winners who stood out in all the categories below:

The Thanks A Million Thank You Card Challenge

Typography Award for the best bold, simple, and modern design relying on typography to showcase a name and/or thanks

Big Diamond Thank You” by Laura Jordan

Laura knocked it clean out of the park with this symphony of type, color, and geometry. We’re wild about the prisms of color that seem to refract off of each letter, creating beautiful angularity and tricky optical illusions. The simple heart is the perfect finishing touch.

Avant-Garde Award for the best edgy or boundary pushing design

You Rule” by Laura Condouris

We always enjoy a hit of wit in a card, and Laura’s visual pun is a fun feature in this relaxed, cool design. The classic wooden ruler, set askance against a perfectly simple ground, makes for a nicely minimalist effect. Clean, neat, clever – perfectly Avant-Garde.

Snapshot Award for the design that best incorporates a photo

Little Baby Says” by Sara C.

Sara’s offering up some truly angelic sweetness with this card. Her design stands out, while its offset placement allows a customer’s photo to take center stage. The whimsical blend of typefaces sets just the right tone for a “Thank You” this adorable!

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best design that incorporates multiple photos

Modern Family” by Wendy McClure

Wendy creates a card that’s clean but vibrant by interspersing customer photos with vivid blocks of color.. We love the understated text with this modern, effortless design. The hits of color are sure to punch up anyone’s photos!

Thanks From Him Award for the best design for a sharp, modern guy

You’re the One” by ERAY

Best design for a sharp, modern guy? Design maverick ERAY is on the case with his unconventional and striking aesthetic. Eric’s lettering is nearly hieroglyphic; every letter is its own creation. He’s also thrown in a bit of graphic edge with his speech bubble-esque white ground—this card’s got a real voice!

Newlywed Award for the best design for a wedding thank you card from a newly married couple

Forever Thankful” by Ana Gonzalez

“Forever Thankful” – what a perfect sentiment for the “Newlywed” award winner. Ana keeps it simple, but sweetly sincere with her sleek block text and subtle banner. The heart at the center, with its hand-drawn, slightly off-kilter look, keeps things fun and light.

From Us Award for the best design for a thank you card from a couple or a family

Berry Monogram” by Meghan Johnson

We really do get a sense of togetherness from Meghan’s “Berry Monogram.” We love the classic monogram in the center, cozily embraced by two colorful sprigs. The clean, but quirky text provides a personal touch and, as befits a “From Us” award winner, she’s given customers the chance to showcase their personalities with a full-bleed photo.

Professional Thank You Award for the best design that is appropriate for a businesswoman or man to use at work

Businesslike” by Leslie Ann Jones

Elegant, simple, sophisticated; we can almost smell the ink blotter on the desk! Leslie Ann’s pinstripes and penmanship are stylishly evocative while being the height of professionalism. This thank you card is classic, but still modern – perfect for our working world.

Text with a Twist Award for the best design that uses curvilinear text to create unique shapes or unusual layouts

Blooms & Plumes” by Wondercloud Design

Olivia’s elegant, but playful hand-lettering gives this thank you card such a personal, friendly feeling. The golden sprigs provide a nice contrast to the painterly gray strokes and her light aquamarine dots add a lovely touch. Olivia’s use of color, brushstroke and style truly make “Thank You” more than words!


Stationery Gifts Challenge


The Perfect Gift for Her Award for the design that is the most givable to a range of women recipients

Fruitstripe” by Stacey Meacham

With these broad swaths of cheery color, who wouldn’t be compelled to catch up on their correspondence with their best girlfriends? Stacey’s visible brushstrokes give her watercolor a beautiful painterly effect, creating stationery that’s full of artistic possibility.

The Best Understated Floral Award for the design that uses beautiful florals that don’t overpower a card

Dainty” by Oscar & Emma

Karly’s perky blossoms create a casual, lovely border for this stationery. Her dichromatic flowers, with their simplified petals and leaves, form a floral pattern that’s feminine but not cloying. Full of cheer but understated enough for any occasion, this design is an everyday favorite.

The Oh Boy! Award for the design that is best for a grade-school boy

Curveball” by 24th and Dune

What better way to inspire a little boy to write than to give him his very own monogrammed “baseball?” We love the texture Jennifer applied to the design, evoking a much-used and well-loved ball. Such a playful design is sure to appeal to a little sports fan!

The Perfect Gift for Him Award for the design that you oculd most easily see giving your dad, your husband, or another guy in your life

9-ball” by guess what?

We can easily imagine giving Lori’s clever stationery to any guy! Her bold color and minimalist lines are strong and masculine, and the the circle monogram neatly tops off the billiards theme. Pool enthusiast or not, any man would find new life in stationery with this design.

The Never-Too-Young-To-Be-A-Stationery-Nut Award for the design that is the best stationery gift for a girl

Up and Away” by chica design

Angela’s created just the design for a day-dreaming, literary-minded little girl. Perfect for writing letters to friends or secret notes to be tucked into bottles, this stationery’s sweet hot air balloon motif gives a girlish air of whimsy. The curlicue of the motion line adds an adorable finishing touch.

The Best Photo Stationery Award

Note with Beeping Bird” by Tereza Sasinkova Lukasova

Tereza’s quirky, enchanting design won our hearts and the Best Photo Award! With an unexpected combination of rustic textures and nature-inspired elements, she incorporates your photo beautifully into the design. No note – or photo – on this stationery will go overlooked.

Typography Award for the best bold, simple, and modern design relying on typography to showcase a name

Pop” by Bonjour Berry

“Pop” jumped out as the top contender for the Typography Award. Corinne keeps her design simple though eye-catching to allow the sender’s name to take the spotlight. We love her transparent, textured banner, with the striated drop shadow deftly picking up the stripes in the border. The stark color contrast between the banner and the text ensures no details will overshadow your name, striking though they are.

Journal Gifts Challenge

Simple Photo Award for the best design that incorporates one photo in a minimalist or full-bleed design

Ever After” by Ana Gonzalez

Ana’s “Ever After” was a clear pick for our Simple Photo Award. The full-bleed photo allows customers to play with the entire surface of the journal, while her delicate, minimal text adds just enough. We love the sweet, simple message that manages to say it all.

The Perfect Gift for Her Award for the design that is most givable to a range of women recipients

English Countryside” by Kristie Kern

This truly is the “perfect gift for her”! Any woman would love to receive this beautiful journal. The subtle texture of Kristie’s background provides a nice contrast to her smooth, sweeping florals and her unexpected color palette of soft pink and warm olive add a nice twist.

Can’t Pick Just One Award for the best multi-photo design

Orange Label” by Elizabeth Victoria

Beth masters crisp and clean with “Orange Label.” We love the balance between the neatly aligned vertical photo strip and the horizontal stripes. The sleek colors and sharp lines make this one very modern journal.  

Words of Wisdom Award for the best design featuring an inspiring, funny, or apt quotation or phrase

I Had a Dream” by Frooted Design

We’re constantly wowed by Tanya’s clever concepts and hand-drawn elements. This journal stands out in so many ways–the hand-lettering, the adorable shooting star, and the dreamy skyscape are all so sweet. But it’s the underlying message to dream big and (dare we say it) reach for the moon that makes this journal so touching.

Best Non-Photo Award for the best design that does not include a photo

Botanical Garden” by Oak Street Press

We instantly fell in love with Jessica’s gorgeous flowers. Every detail is just right from the soft petals to veins in each and every leaf. More than anything, the close cropped scale and rich colors are absolutely stunning. No photo could hold its own in this lovely design!

Big Name Award for the best design featuring a large, customizable name

Lemonade” by Susie Allen

There’s something so positive about “Lemonade.” We love how Susie softens her bold stripes with a worn texture, suggesting a well-loved and used journal! It’s the big, bright lemon-lime circle that lets a customer’s name stand out in such a fun way. 

The Oh Boy! Award for the design that is best for a grade-school boy

A Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Cat Blue Brew

Tay really hit the nail on the head with “A Journey to the Center of the Earth,” her first Minted submission if you can believe it. The dreamy spheres stand in extreme contrast to the sharp mountain tops, creating a whole imaginary world full of possibility. This journal would have any kid dreaming up grade-school adventures.

The Never-Too-Young-To-Be-A-Design-Nut Award for the design that is bets for a grade-school girl

Amelia” by Carolyn MacLaren

Carolyn manages the difficult task of combining cute with contemporary in “Amelia.” The adorable ladybugs and sweet sprigs are quite modern with their clean shapes and texture. Combined with the fun, vibrant colors, they’re sure to appeal to any  grade-school girl!

The Perfect Gift for Him Award for the design that you could most easily see giving your dad, your husband, or another guy in your life

I Want to Ride My Bicycle” by el Bandel

This is one journal that can span just about any age group. Tim’s sleek, modern bicycle provides a cool, clean slate for just about any type of notebook, journal, or logbook. We love the stark black on yellow color choice. 

Typography Award for the best bold, simple, and modern design relying on type to showcase a name

Vintage Stamp” by Kimberly Nicole

Kimberly shows classic cool done right with this wonderfully understated journal. The simple name-plate over a full-bleed photo provides just the right amount of embellishment and personalization. While perfect for a new baby, this journal can appeal to anyone–newlyweds, families, and beyond.

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