Secret Message Valentine

By Victoria Hudgins, A Subtle Revelry

secret valentine diy project
Surprise your Valentine this year with a secret message coded as a pretty abstract piece of art! To make the creative Valentine use a simple blank canvas, watercolors and a white coloring crayon.

secret valentine diy project
Step 1: Color in your message on the canvas with white crayon. If you’d prefer, give this as a secret message to an admirer with the instructions to paint with water colors and reveal your sweet words. If you’d prefer to give the colored canvas continue to the steps below.

Step 2: Using watercolors cover the canvas in with light abstract brush strokes.

Step 3: Let dry. The paint must fully dry to let the crayon show through.

Step 4: Once dry package up as a nice Valentine piece of art. Hand out to your favorite Valentine, or hang the piece on a wall for a reminder of sweet love.

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