Laying Low

By Victoria Smith, SF Girl by Bay

Have you ever slept on a bed that’s just barely off the floor? When I was moving and my old bed frame had been sold (I had to downsize) I had my mattress just right there, smack dab on the hardwood floors. And you know what? It was super cozy! I don’t know what it is about laying low, but a mattress positioned so close to the floor gives me the best sleep ever. Maybe it’s like camping, or college, or something reminiscent to a fort, but whatever it is, it’s very comforting. I also tend to find it quite stylish. Do you think box springs have been a big scam all along by someone trying to convince we need something we actually don’t? Wouldn’t be the first time, would it? Here’s a few low lying looks I love – beds very near to the floor and those doing just fine sans box springs.
Images in order of appearance: 1. Claesson Koivisto, 2. Fashionable Living; 3. Stadshem; 4. The Design Files; 5. Lonny; 6. Twelve Chairs Boston.

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  1. Allison

    They all look so inviting! It would be glorious to sink right into bed at night instead of climbing up my 5 foot tall tower of a bed.

  2. Yes!! Our bed is really low now, and it used to be even lower. There was a long stretch of my life where I just didn’t sleep on a mattress at all and slept on the floor. I had a desk and my blankets on the floor in my room. It was quite liberating to not have all of the “stuff” around me.

  3. tania

    love this, wish it were my place!!!