DIY Fringe 3-D Heart

By Jenny, Hank and Hunt

Fringe is fun all year round. Make these fringed hearts by simply covering paper mache hearts and you’ll have something almost as frill-ing as true love. Ok, maybe not, but it’s pretty darn cute.

Here’s how to make it…

paper mache heart
crepe paper fold

Step 1: Cut four or five 1.25″ strips of crepe paper and one strip 2″ wide.
Step 2: Coat the paper mache heart in a thin layer of glue using your fingertips or a paint brush.
Step 3: Wrap the 2″ strip around the heart, coating it red.
Step 4: Let dry. While it is drying, cut fringe on one side of the small strips. Leave the strips folded to speed the process.
Step 5:Add a small line of glue around the bottom of the heart and start wrapping with fringe. Press down the unfringed edge into the glue. Keep layering around and around, all the way up to the top of the heart.
Step 6: Once you have covered the entire heart, end the strips at the top. Cut a double fringed piece of crepe paper.
Step 7:Glue the piece on top to cover the seams. Let dry.
Step 8:Once dry, fluff the fringe and hang.

These would be great to hang on a neighbor’s door or send a valentine to your child’s teacher. How ever you choose to use them, this DIY will warm your heart.

  1. Kelly

    CUTE!! I’m going to make a few and post it to my 3sisters overseas…..a nice sisterly love surprise!!

  2. Pia

    Jenny – this is so adorable. I’ve got a few styrofoam hearts that would be perfect for this little tutorial.

    Thanks for going to the effort of photographing and posting this awesome idea 🙂