Note from the Editor

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor

(Betty In Paris from Olive Us)

Hi friends! All over the west there’s been a cold front, even in San Francisco where the editors and I live it’s chilly coat and scarf weather which is unusual for us here! I hope you’re staying warm and cozy right now if you’re caught in the cold front’s way. I wanted to share this sweet video above of Betty in Paris that I think will make you smile. I love the simple concept of her wandering around Paris by herself, having a croissant at a cafe, visiting the sites in her knee high red socks. Wouldn’t you love to tag along with her?

(Fun fact: that cute Betty is my niece!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors

  1. I love it! What a whimsical way to display Paris. I would love to run around with her!

  2. Rocío

    Precioso! Me ha encantado! 🙂

  3. Annette A

    What a lovely video! I love seeing Paris through the little girl’s eyes.

  4. Marjory

    Such a delightful video showing Paris through the eyes of a child. J’adore!

  5. I’ve watched the adorable series from the beginning but this one is my favorite!!

  6. Disney

    I just died. This is the cutest thing ever!! I love when the screen turns rosy as she eats the macaron.