Call for Entries – Special Picks Part I

By Kirsten Wolfe, Minted Art Team

The start of the New Year is always an excuse for me to evaluate my surroundings – and my focus usually lands on my walls. As it happens, we just selected our December’s special picks for Minted’s current art challenge (Call for Entries), and I’m incredibly pleased with the quality of the submissions. It was difficult for the Minted curatorial team to select our favorites, but we finally landed on the gorgeous work below.

We are picking monthly special prize winners, so be sure to submit your work before to 1/31/13 to be considered for the January special picks.

Lastly, we will announce voting awards and special picks in the next couple of weeks for a few outstanding challenges: Little Journeys (special picks), Be Inspired (special picks), and On the Wall (voting awards and special picks). Good luck to all!

Best Photograph

The Lake, PH Design

Central Coast, CA (New Minted Artist)

I’m drawn to the juxtaposition of color and texture in this image: the calm, liquid blue of the lake mixed with the linear, hard yellow surface of the reeds congregating in the foreground. At the upper edges of the image, additional reeds are reflected in the water.

Best Illustration…

Tiny Dancer, Jill Atogwe

Leesburg, VA (New Minted Artist)

I’m not a dancer but the movement and joy in this illustration is absolutely lovely. Its energy is enhanced by the use of a monochromatic palate that sets off the bold curves and elegant lines. It almost inspires me to take a dance class.

Best Painting

Camp Out, Anna Kamburis

Austin, TX (New Minted Artist)

I spent a bit of time living in the Southwest and this work is evocative of the big skies and wide-open spaces, interspersed with a few cacti here and there.  The simple white trailer is set against a pink sky and the blue door creates a focal point for the piece – suggesting an invitation to enter and enjoy the simple beauty of the landscape. I imagine this in my child’s room.

Best Graphic

Paper White, Jorey Hurley

San Francisco, CA

The simplicity of this fresh graphic – paper white petals bursting from the long green stems set off by the brown background – allows the viewer to rest his or her eyes on the elongated lines and savor the pleasure of the world in bloom.

Curator’s Choice

Merged Links, PH Design

Central Coast, CA (New Minted Artist)

Spectacularly morphed patterning creates an abstract vision open to interpretation. Reminiscent of undulating pixilation or a topographic map, it’s a modern work that would look incredible in any room.


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