Note from the Editor

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor

So the tree has been taken down, boxes are filling up the recycling bin, and the last bubbly has been consumed earlier this week. The holiday cards once displayed nicely are now are sitting in a pile on your mail desk. It’s officially January then!

So, what to do with all these beautiful cards of smiling friends and family? I can’t remember where I saw this idea (probably pinterest) but I thought it was so smart! Take a picture with your phone of the family photo/card and use it as the caller id picture in your phone. It’s a great way to remember their holiday card and also fill your phone contacts with pretty images of family and friends. Plus, you won’t feel so bad about tossing them afterwards. Less clutter to start fresh with 2013! Any other ideas of what to do with holiday cards after the holidays?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Liz + The Julep Editors

(Image above by Olivia Kanaley, DIY Editor)

  1. Maggie

    I have several friends who cut up their cards, punch holes in them, and use them as gift tags the following year. I guess this wouldn’t work with photo cards, but its a great way to make use of all of those more generic ones!

    • lizstan

      Very cute idea for the holiday!

  2. hannah

    wonderful idea!

    and also: where is that cutie iphone case from? love it!

  3. Eric

    Don’t mind me! Just testing.

  4. kate

    What a super idea!

    Also, I’m with Hannah – where is this sweet iphone case from?

    • lizstan

      Hey guys the case is from J.Crew!

      • Kate

        Cheers Liz!

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  6. Mel

    I know some folks who put all their holiday photo cards in a box and. Pull a couple out at dinner at least once a week and talk to their kids about the people in the photos and then pray for them. I think that’s a neat tradition.

    • lizstan

      What a cute idea! And makes good dinner conversation too 🙂