DIY Embroidered Heart Napkins

By Victoria Hudgins, A Subtle Revelry

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly (just over a month away!). Get ready for gathering and treating your loveliest friends with these embroidered heart napkins. They are easy to make and sweet to give away – with a plate of cookies of course!

Step 1: Make the napkins by first purchasing simple white napkins.
Step 2: Turn the napkins upside down and use a pencil to hand draw your design.
Step 3: Use embroidery thread and a small needle to begin hand sewing around your pencil drawing. Start underneath and use small under/large over stitches. This will make the heart look the best from the top.
Finish off by pulling taunt, cut and tie a knot underneath. Use a small amount of fabric glue to hold the knot in place. This will allow the napkins to be hand washed once used. Once you get the hang of hand embroidery, start playing with size and colors for beautiful handmade Valentine day gifts.

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