DIY Star Combs

By Rachael Smith, Penelope & Pip

If you want to look a little bit fancy for New Year’s Eve, but are saving your holiday dollars for the sales, this is the perfect DIY for you. Add a bit of glitz and glam to some pretty coloured suede and you have yourself an originally designed hair piece perfect for seeing in the New Year – we want 2013 to begin all sparkly after all!

Let’s get started with materials …


• Suede ( or leather, real or synthetic)

• Glitter

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Hair Comb

• PVA Glue (or craft glue)

• Mod Podge (or glue that dries clear)

• Paint brush

• Hair comb

Step 1: Draw a star shape on the wrong side of your suede. I drew a large one and two smaller ones. Cut the shapes out with your scissors.

Step 2: Glue Mod Podge all over your star and then cover in glitter. After a couple of years of trial and error, I’ve found the easiest way to add glitter is to put a sheet of paper down, drown your star in glitter and then shake the glitter off gently by picking it up by its sides and tapping the edge of the star on the paper. You can then form a funnel with the paper to pop your unused glitter back in the bottle for your next project. Repeat this step for all of your stars. I really love the glitter on the gold star – look out for “coarse glitter” in your local craft shop.

Step 3: Using your stronger PVA glue, dab your comb in the three places you wish to place your stars. Holding each star by its sides, place it on the comb. You can see how my middle one overlaps the first one and the last one is underneath that too.

Place your comb somewhere safe overnight to dry (you don’t want stars coming off on the dance floor). If you don’t want a head of glitter (although I quite like that!), you can spray it with a clear varnish before you wear it.

I also made a shooting star for my friend. Use some scraps to cut two little shoots and then glue one across the top of the comb to cover the comb’s edge and the other at an angle underneath the star. These combs perfect for celebrating all the joy of a New Year in style.

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