Cotton Ball Wreath

By Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry

Adorn your door with this easy last minute cotton ball wreath and leave it up even after the holiday! Its wispy balls mimic snow and is a great decoration to keep up for the entire season.


To make the wreath…


1) Start with a twig wreath frame and a bag of cotton balls. I used a 100 ball bag to make this wreath.
2) Using a hot glue gun begin gluing the cotton balls onto the wreath in a mismatched configuration.
3) Step back and fill in the holes as you work through sections. Imperfection is a great quality of snow (fake or real).
4) Finish off with a line of bells for Christmas and switch out to a bright pink ribbon to take you all the way through January.


Find more of Victoria on her blog.

  1. Magnus

    Looks flammable.