Fondue Party

By Meta Coleman of One More Mushroom

Every year around this time it is a tradition in our family to host a fondue party.  My husband and I enjoy celebrating the holidays with friends and family and there is something so warm and intimate about celebrating over a steaming pot of melted cheese, not to mention it tastes so good!


With the Holidays coming up a fondue party would be a great way to celebrate Christmas Eve, or ring in the New Year.
Here’s a recipe we love, supplies, and ideas for accessories to make your fondue party a success…

1.  Divide the cheeses in the following:  1/2 total amount Gruyere, 1/4 total amount Emmental, 1/4 total amount Danish Havarti or Italian Fontana (use about 150 grams and 200 grams of cheese per person).  My husband and I have noticed that unless your friends are big eaters, you are fine to estimate 100-150 grams per person.  These measurements may sound confusing but with a gram scale it is very easy to figure.
2.  Grade cheese and place in a bowl.
3.  Add minced garlic (to taste) and a level tablespoon flour per 250-300 grams of cheese
4.  Using your hands mix flour and garlic in with the cheese.
5.  Warm the wine on the stove (use about 1 deciliter of wine per person).
6.  Add the cheese to mildly warm wine
7.  Stirring continually, slowly bring the lumpy mixture to a soft boil, until smooth and creamy.
8.  Allow to boil softly for 3 to 4 minutes.
9.  Finally, before serving, add pepper, fresh nutmeg, a leveled knife of baking soda, and a quarter to a half cup softly whipped cream.
10.  Pour the fondue mixture into the heated pot on the table and enjoy, telling your guest to continually stir the cheese so that it doesn’t clump.


1.  dansk fondue pot

2.  candlesticks

3.  dinnerware

4.  stool

5.  fondue forks set

6.  succulents

7.  burlap tablerunner

8.  glass tumbler

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  1. Melody

    No way! My family has a fondue party tradition, too! Ever since I was in 8th grade, when we had a Swiss exchange student, we get together every winter with our Swiss family friends for an evening of cheese fondue and good times! It is perhaps one of my favorite family traditions. According to our fondue expert, the only thing your recipe is missing is a shot of kirsch (cherry brandy). Yum!