Easy Ball Garland

By Jenny Batt of Hank + Hunt

I like to stroll down the floral pick aisles this time of year. They are full of pre-glittered wonders and as a gal who has worked alot with glitter, I know it is a messy craft. When it is already attached to my object of choice, I get really excited. These ball picks were at my local hobby store and I had to snatch them up. First, they were on sale for half off and second At 99 cents regular price, it was considerable cheaper than the ornament versions of this rectangular glitter style I have seen elsewhere. Less than a dollar a pop always means I will make a garland out of it, especially if it is in my favorite holiday palette.

Let’s get started with supplies …

You will need:
Christmas floral ball picks
bamboo skewer
cord or twine (I used a small spool of gold rope)

Remove the pick from each ball, this should pull right out. Take your skewer and poke a hole straight through to the other side of the ball using the sharp pointed end. Mind your fingers! Repeat for all of the balls. Tape the end of your twine or string and thread through each ball. Adjust the spacing along the garland and tie knots at each end of the string. Hang and enjoy! Make multiples to cover your whole tree or just one for a dessert table. Nothing brings merriment like a little sparkle.

  1. Melissa

    Jenny, you are truly a DIY genius! This garland is gorgeous, and seriously couldn’t be easier to make! BTW, I love the chalkboards! Did you buy them or make them yourself?

  2. Carole

    I’ve seen the pom pom glittery style balls, and those would work too. I love them, but didn’t purchase any this year because I didn’t know what I’d do with them. Now I know.

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