Put It All Together

By: Annie Clark, Creative Director

Today we thought it would fun to give you a little behind the scenes peek in to our Minted video. The team had been thinking about doing a stop-action of the Minted design community for a while now, so its fun to finally have it put together.

The video was directed by our very talented friend Suzanne Shade who consults with Minted on a variety of creative projects.

“The designers were in town in the midst of our catalog shoot, so we needed to shoot it really quickly and thought that the polaroid heart would be a good way to get everyone working together while keeping it kind of loose and wild. I loved them tearing down the piece at the very end, so we worked the sequence from there. Muchas gracias to Carlos Arrieta who shot the stills and helped build the animation!”

Suzanne and I went back and forth on music for the video. We racked our brains for the perfect song throwing out  everything from a ukulele cover a Beatles song, to Thao, to The White Stripes, but nothing was quite right. Then came Leo. I met Leo earlier this year and knew he was a musician. We were hanging out one evening and I asked asked him if he could write a song for me that was about togetherness and art, bonus points if it included counting. Obviously, he nailed all three. Not only is Leo a talented singer/songwriter, he is currently working in our customer service department so he treated the Minted team to a live performance of the song during the video’s premier.

  1. This is so cute!! I love the stop action!! Can’t wait to see the whole video! =) The Polaroid heart is beautiful! =)

    Ergo – Blog

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