Felt Triangle Garland

By Alison Faulkner of The Allison Show

There’s nothing I love more than a good garland! Especially one that is quick, easy and versatile. I wanted to add some color to my tree this year, so I spent the afternoon whipping these up! They also look great on a mantle or wrapped around a gift.

Let’s get started with supplies …

• A sewing machine (you could do this by hand but it would be very time consuming, so if you can, borrow a machine!)
• Scraps of felt in an array of colors – for more information on the different types of felt you see my Felt 101 post
• Scissors
• Heavy weight thread

How to make your garland:
1. Sit down to a fun holiday movie with a stack of scrap felt and scissors. Cut dozens of triangles and don’t worry about making them uniform. Just make sure they are not too narrow, this will make them hard to sew.

2. Thread your machine with a heavy weight thread; this will make the garland more durable. You only need to use the heavy thread in the top, not the bobbin.

3. Once you have about 100 triangles or more, chain-sew the triangles. To do this: start at the base of a triangle and sew a straight line to the tip, about ¼” away from the tip—with the foot of your machine down—slip the next triangle in place. Continue this until your chain is your desired length.

4. Trim off the loose threads and hang your garland!
Happy crafting!

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  1. I love it!! This is adorable and so easy! My Mom has 4 sewing machines so I’m definitely going to be stealing one to try this! =)

    Ergo – Blog

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