Note from the Editor

By Liz Stanley, Managing Editor


The holidays are here (hooray!) as you’ve seen with the flurry of festivity on Julep so far. This time of year isn’t all glitter and jingle bells though, there’s the dreaded family photo session to send with your yearly holiday cards. It doesn’t have to be all stress and tantrums though, I love one of my stylist’s, Emily Frame’s tips:

“Instead of looking for top to bottom looks for everyone in your family, look in each closet for color themes. By picking a couple neutrals and a couple pop colors you can create a really natural family look without feeling too matchy-matchy”

For all 10 tips from my stylist and photographer check out my post right here.

Are family photos a stressful situation for your family? I’d love to hear your tips on surviving them!

Image by Ashley Thalman

  1. clever tips + gorgeous photos! x

  2. sarah

    That’s my sister and her cute family.

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