Story Time Bunting

By Rachael of Penelope and Pip

Whenever I look after my nieces and nephews, one of my favorite parts of the night is always the bedtime book. After reading the same books over and over however, (yes Spot, I can see you jump!), I found that making up stories is also lots of fun. With any story though you need a starting point and this fun and easy fabric bunting will kick start your imagination every time. After all, we sometimes need a little bit of help being creative and clever after a long day at work!

The best part is that it only takes five minutes to make so you can swap out these characters for others at any time. You can use animals or anything else you can find on big print fabric – your local fabric shop will have a great selection to choose from.

Let’s get started with materials…



  1. Big animal print fabric (I used a cotton duck fabric as it’s quite thick)
  2. String
  3. Pegs
  4. Decoupage glue
  5. Card stock
  6. Scissors

You can make your bunting in just three quick steps.


Step 1: Lay out your fabric and choose your characters. Cut around the characters roughly so they are ready for gluing. If you are doing this with the kids and you have safety scissors, this is the easy way for them to help cut out the characters before gluing.

Step 2: Glue the back of the characters to the card stock. I glued all of my characters first so that the first one was dried and ready to go. The kids can help with this part too (don’t you just love their cute sticky fingers everywhere!).

Step 3: Cut neatly around each character that has been glued to the cardboard. This requires precise cutting so perhaps it is best for supervising adults to do this step (or your story might always be about the duck with no legs!).


TIP: I put all my characters between some heavy books for an hour once finished so they were nice and flat and fully attached to the card stock.


Now peg your characters to the string and you’re ready to play!

Make sure you tape the bunting where the kids can see it lying in bed so they can play along with the story too.

All that’s left to do now is let your imagination run wild with lovely adventures.

Once upon a time their was a cat, an owl, a dog, a bird and a panda…

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  1. Vera

    Where did you get this fabric? Name of the fabric? Thanks!

    • Rach

      Hi Vera – this is a fabric I have had hanging around for a while in my stash – sadly there are no identifying labels on it! I am sure someone from the community will recognise it and let us know 🙂

  2. Jenny

    I really love this. I’m adding this to one of our daily December advent activities to do as a simple family-time game.

  3. Flora

    Hi, I think the fabric is by Designers Guild and called My Best Friend – here is is in a duvet cover

    • Rach

      Thanks Flora! How cute is it as a bedspread 🙂

  4. Appledream

    Thanks for identifying the fabric, Flora!

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  6. Karen

    As a librarian, I love this idea. You can also ask kids to create their own story and tell you the story. You can expand on their sequencing skills by asking “then what happened.” You can expand their vocabulary by asking them for names or descriptive words – not just cat, but the orange, stripey cat named Pumpkin. You can also work on their narrative skills by having them talk about the feelings and actions of the story. All of these are important pre-reading and pre-writing skills that can be built using this project. This would make a great gift for parents of young children.