Type Style: Futura

by Annie Clark, Creative Director

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a font obsessed gal. So much so that I started imagining my favorite typefaces as people, giving them a personality and wondering what they would wear. So with that admission  I bring you Type Style, first up Futura. Equal parts modern and retro, and always completely cool.

  1. Yelle

    Such a cute idea! Please continue with this blog series! Can you imagine the font Lobster?

  2. Precious

    genius!! I would LOVE to create posts for this topic. So so so my style!

  3. lori

    Super cool – love this! Can’t wait for more Type Style posts!! 🙂

  4. stacey

    I totally agree. Love this and looking forward to more. Great starter though, Futura is one of my FAVS.

  5. Love this post! As a similarly font obsessed lady I’m looking forward to seeing more in this series 🙂