Embroidered Leather Cuffs

By Rachael of Penelope and Pip

I’m so excited to be launching my column here on Julep with this quick and easy leather cuff. With the holiday season fast approaching I have been looking for ways I can create handmade gifts for all my gal pals and this beautiful cuff is my favorite idea so far. Geometric string art is being pinned from everywhere at the moment which made me think how great it would be to carry your own little piece of art on your arm!
The best part about this project is you can combine any color combination and pattern you like which makes each cuff you create unique.

Let’s get started with materials…



1.    Leather pieces long enough to fit your arm width
2.    Embroidery thread in assorted colors
3.    Leather needle
4.    Pen
5.    Ruler
6.    Scissors
Now the fun part – creating your first design!
Step 1: Cut your leather long enough to fit your arm with a cm overlap for sewing it up at the end.
Make sure your width is at least 7cm so you have plenty of room to sew a design.
Create the template for your design by measuring out a rectangle with 1cm dots.
Step 2: Choose a color combination and thread your need with the first color.
Tie a knot in your thread and starting from the back, sew from the top right hand dot to the second bottom right hand dot.
Go back up to the second top right hand dot and back down to the third right hand dot.
This is the technique you will follow for the whole design.
TIP: Check regularly on the front to make sure your pattern looks like mine below:

Work your way around with this color twice like the image above or swap out to another color.
When you are finished with that color just make sure you thread through to the back and knot the thread.
Step 3: Keep changing up your colors and working around your rectangle.
I decided to make two squares in my rectangle to really make the colors pop.
Have fun with your designs – make them simple or more complex.
Step 4: Once you are happy with the design, measure your cuff around your arm again to see where it needs to be joined and then using the same color thread as your leather, sew up the ends.
I used a contrasting color here to show you – this could be a fun idea too.

TIP: Sewing the cuff in more of a cone shape like the multi-colored one on the right above will fit your arm better.
You could also add press studs if you have that kit at home.

Once you’ve sewn your cuff it’s ready to wear (or gift if you can bare to part with it!).

We hope you enjoy this easy sewing project!

Find more of Rachael on her blog.

  1. Yelle

    The only thing that is cooler than these leather cuffs is the pattern that you made! So cute!

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