Dried Fruit Bouquet

By Victoria of A Subtle Revelry
Tis the season for centerpieces, hostess gifts and a million reasons to purchase a bouquet of flowers. It is also the season with the least inspiring floral selection. Instead of settling for a ho-hum bouquet make this dried fruit bouquet for your table, or to bring along as a lovely “Thank you” gift. It comes together in a snap, is more affordable than flowers and will last the entire season long!

I found a great stash of dried pomegranates to use, but you could create the same look with any dried fruits. They can be found often at thrift stores, dollar stores and craft stores.
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To make the bouquet:


1) Start with a selection of dried fruits in a pleasing combination. I love the more graphic look of a single variety.
2) Find twigs out in the yard or purchase dried ones from the craft store. I prefer the look of real twigs but dried ones will work as well.


3) Use a small nail or drill bit to make a hole in the bottom of each fruit. Hand twisting a small nail seemed to work the best for maintaining control of the hole size.


4) Place a small amount of glue on the top of each twig and fit it into the fruit hole and let dry.

5) Once dried, place the bouquet in a vase or wrap with pretty ribbon and a thank you note.


* Tip: You can whip up a bunch of these bouquets all at once and since they won’t wilt, set them aside for when you need a last minute gift or decor piece throughout the holidays!

Project Design + Photography by Victoria Hudgins

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