Modern Thanksgiving Placecards

By Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt

A new twist on the traditional Thanksgiving place cards, make these little glass vials as keepsakes for your guests to bring home with them.
You will need…

Black cardstock
Small glass vials
White chalk pencil
Cut strips of black cardstock about ½” by 5” long.

Trim each strip into a flag shape by cutting out a triangle at each end. placecards3
The day of:
Set up a station where guests write what they are thankful for as they come in. Set this up near the beverages or snacks and have them fill it out while you get them a drink. Have them drop it into a bowl for later.
Once you have each guest’s answer, take each flag and wrap it loosely around the pencil, writing side up.
Place one spiral in each vial and place at each place setting.

Once seated at dinner, each guest can read aloud what is in their vial.


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