Modern Cornucopia

By Melanie of  You Are My Fav

A cornucopia is one of the traditional symbols of Thanksgiving but have you ever really see one used as a centerpiece?
cornucopia1 To me they look outdated and bottom of the bin. Plus, putting one out might conjure up some images from the Hunger Games which wouldn’t be all that appetizing. So I decided to try a modern take with this simple, harvest centerpiece.
cornucopia7 Here’s how I made it…


– Colorful fresh produce (Whole Foods always has a nice selection)
– Berry branches
– A wooden cutting board or long piece of reclaimed wood

1. Go to your local market and buy a variety of fresh produce. Go for looks, not taste and think about how they might look cut open.
2. Take the bounty and give it all a good wash.
3. Place the cutting board or piece of wood down on the table where you want it set and spread the produce out.
4. Start arranging the produce. Play around with different placements, mix in some produce that is cut open and standing upright.
5. Stand back and admire your work. Swat away any grazers.

What I love about this centerpiece is that it’s pretty much foolproof. Nature does the work for you.

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  1. Alison

    This is beyond stunning!

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  4. Tan

    This is gorgeous Mel! I just love all the vibrant colours

  5. Erin

    What is the fruit/veggie in the center of the overhead shot? Green rind and neon pink center, it’s stunning!

    • Melanie

      Erin, I believe it’s called a watermelon radish. Found at Whole Foods.

  6. Ann

    I love this. It is so beautiful. This site is wonderful too.

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